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power steering

  1. Rack and pinion

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Anyone try one of these rack and pinions from ebay, the seller is klin_wyat, i dont have an item number because its normally a few day auctions that are being ran.
  2. Steering wheel position changed

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Well maybe someone can give me some idea as to whether this is a serious issue. The other day I was work in my 69 and I was greasing the new lower control arms I just put on so I had the car jacked up on one side. I needed a little more room to work so I got the keys and turned the wheel to...
  3. HORRIBLE Steering squeaking

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Hey guys. Posting on behalf of a friend who owns a '69 Convertible, power steering. When the wheel is cut hard right or left, it squeaks horribly. This happens when stopped as well as in motion. The steering feels fine otherwise, no loss of power assist at any time. We tend to avoid cutting...
  4. '67 396/375hp, was power steering an option?

    Restoration Corner
    First off, I want to state my dad has been working on GM cars since he hit puberty. I trust his experience and knowledge. It's never failed me before. Now, I know GM didn't allow A/C as an option on solid lifter cars because of vacuum concerns. My dad says power brakes probably weren't available...
  5. Flaming River Power Steering Box - New

    Member Forum Classifieds
    I have a new Flaming River FR1560 Steering Box 12:1 ratio Saginaw style steering box that would not work with my headers. It has a couple scuffs from trying to wedge it in. Ended up having to use a 605 style to get it in there. I also have the...
  6. Is there a special bolt I need?

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    I have a '67 Camaro with an '88 model 350 engine with a '69 model long water pump and power steering pump. I took my car to the shop to have a new chrome water pump installed,but the mechanic said he couldn't do it because the water pump is only threaded half way and the bracket bolt slides...
  7. Wanted! Power steering with limited space.

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    I have a 68 camaro with a 402 BB and limited space, I'm considering putting the power steering back on it but since switching to the BB nothing old fits anymore. My alternator is mounted high on the driver side, so the box would probably need to be mounted lower for space problems, on the same...
  8. Flaming River Big Block Oil Pan

    Okay, I'm "restoring" a 67 convertible with a built 396. The oil pan i have has a 7 quart sump. I have installed a flaming river rack and pinion power steering unit. The sump is too big and needs to lose a few inches to clear the rack. Has anyone done this before? I can use as small as a 6...
  9. Manual steering to power steering

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    I'm changing my '67 Camaro with manual steering to power steering. I bought a used '69 gear box along with the Pitman Arm. Which one would you suggest using and and please explain why?:confused:
  10. power steering diagnostics

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    what are the symptoms of a power steering pump going bad? I have a 69 daily driver with 203K on it and the steering moves freely when the car is cool but when it warms up after about 15 mins of driving the steering gets stiff almost like the lash is too tight, which I have loosened, sometimes it...