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  1. Interiors
    I’m having an issue on the drivers side door panel with the power window switch. The board on the back side of the door upholstery has gotten old and brittle and no longer holds the bracket that holds the 4-switch in place. Every time I push in the switches, it pushes the backet off into the...
  2. Body Shop
    I need some help badly, could someone post pictures of original 69 Rear Power Window Regulators and the holes that they install in, I dont think I got the right ones, or do the rear power regulators mount in different locations than the manual regulators. Any pics would be helpful, Thanks:hurray:
  3. Forum Classifieds
    Never posted this in the fourms:clonk: here is the ad Follow the above link for NOS 1969 "Drivers side" window switch....... it is still needs a new home...... Thanks Team Camaro
1-3 of 3 Results