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power windows

  1. Power Window/Lock Door jamb wire boot holes

    Body Shop
    I'm wanting to run power windows and locks in my 69, just had it restored and painted last fall - I regret not having them drill out the holes and put the door looms in then. But what's done is done...any recommendations as to how to drill holes without taking the doors off or chipping the paint...
  2. Power window wire feed for 1/4 windows - where and gromets?

    Electrical & Wiring
    Does anyone have pics of the wiring harness entering the 1/4 window regulator area - or a description of where they enter?
  3. power window feed thru firewall

    Electrical & Wiring
    hey guys - I found out where the circuit breaker mounts to the engine side of the firewall for the power window feed on my 69 - but can't figure out where the wire from the breaker goes throught the fire wall. Can anyone help in this regard?