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  1. Fourth Generation
    My 2000 v6 Camaro (base) was wrecked in about 2004 and was repaired, but EVERY light in the gauge cluster has been on since then. Any ideas? Thanks! Also, there are no air bags (that's probably why but not sure)
  2. Fourth Generation
    I've purchased a 00' 3.8l v6 camaro recently, and about three weeks after the purchase I've been experincing issues while trying to start my camaro or while i'm driving. Starting with the starting problems, upon turning the key, the vehicle will turn over for a second and then go right back off...
  3. Fourth Generation
    I got a 1994 v6 camaro that makes a popping noise going up any hill when i increase speed. The rpms stay the same so my guess is that the tranny is good. If i give it more gas the over drive kicks in and it does better but the popping sound gets quieter and faster. the guy before me said he...
  4. Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Hey everyone, I have a question that I would really like some help with. This is the second time that this has happened this summer already and it happened once last summer. My brake pedal is going all the way to the floor and my brake light comes on. When I pump the brakes a few times I get...
  5. Engine
    I have 89' Camaro RS 5.0 it has this garggling sound coming from the bottom of the engine. A friend mentioned it might be the radiator not having enough water. I'm no expert but I can't SEE what the problem might be. I would really be greatfull for the problem to be solved.
1-5 of 5 Results