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  1. Bench Racing
    I have a 67 camaro looking to buy a big block power steering pump and brackets.all so looking for water pump and strter and intake for a quadra jet date coded b or c my car was biult th 4 week of april 67. 770-366-2475 if no answer please leave me a massage and i will get back with you asap...
  2. Engine
    I have a 1987-90 Chevy small block 350 engine in my '67 Camaro. I'm not sure which one it is, because the engine was in the car when I got it. The engine has a long water pump with 1 groove pulley. The harmonic balancer has a three groove crankshaft pulley. This is the problem I need help...
  3. Performance
    I have underdrive pulleys on my camaro and the msd coils. i want to add the msd ignition box dis-4 p/n 62152 and adapters plus a few other things and am scared that my current oem alternator wont do the job. will moving up to 140 amp alternator be a good move and give me back a decent idle voltage?
  4. Camaro Tech
    Hi i own a 68 Camaro and i am getting chrome pulleys put in at my local shop. My question is, I've seen new fat pulleys which now handle one fat belt, what are they called ? Can i do this on my 400 small block ? Do i have to do the water pump and other things also ? Any info on these huge...
1-4 of 4 Results