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  1. Adding an Inertia Fuel Pump Shutoff Switch

    Electrical & Wiring
    Hi has anyone added an Inertia Fuel Pump Shutoff Switch to automatically shut the 12v power to the fuel pump off in the event of a collision? I am thinking of adding a switch to my intank fuel pump installation and mounting the switch in the trunk but not sure if the switch needs to be mounted...
  2. 69 RS Wiper Motor pump wont shut off

    Camaro Tech
    Just put a new wiper motor on my 69 RS Camaro and the wipers work in high and low speed. But when I push in the switch for the wiper fluid the pump keeps pumping and won't stop after a couple of squirts????? Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Please let me know. JIM
  3. Pump question

    Hello everyone. Quick question. I recently did a manuel to power top conversion on my '69. When the pump is on and the frame is in motion, all seems fine. When is approaching the extent of its travel to either its up/down position, it basically sounds like the motor is shutting down. If I keep...
  4. Engine not getting fuel

    Hi everyone, Hopefully this is in the correct section. My car has been sitting in a garage with an empty tank for the past 3 years and I recently did some work to the drivetrain to get it running again. The last time I started the car (before garaging it) it started right up. Now, it seems...
  5. 4th Gen Camaro Possible Fuel Pump Problem

    Fourth Generation
    I've purchased a 00' 3.8l v6 camaro recently, and about three weeks after the purchase I've been experincing issues while trying to start my camaro or while i'm driving. Starting with the starting problems, upon turning the key, the vehicle will turn over for a second and then go right back off...
  6. 1968 camaro vert Power to mounting brackets and manual top brackets

    Ok so for some reason I have a power top frame with manual springs. I have all the parts to convert it to power however when I did start the tear down I ran into the following. 1. The manual shoulder bolts are a different length than the I ordered the correct bolts. So then I went to...
  7. Windshield Pump Stamp

    Restoration Corner
    I'd like to reproduce the date stamp on my windshield pump assembly shown in the image below. Does anyone have any recommendations on a company who can reproduce a rubber stamp? Thanks
  8. 79 Camaro Windshield Washer Pump

    Second Generation
    hey i have a 79 berlinetta. I can't seem to figure out why the windshield washer pump will not shut off. It is a new pump, and from what I understand, has a mechanical shutoff? Any advice is much appreciated, Thanx.