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  1. Engine
    Once upon a time I knew how to adjust the choke and fast idle cam on a 1969 Rochester Quadrajet, with divorced choke but 30 years have left me foggy.... I recently installed a rebuilt 7029203 DY I purchased off a member here. It starts great in warm weather but the past two days the garage has...
  2. Engine
    Hi there.. had a well running qjet, installed airgap intake with adapter.. i messed up jets by drilling them out too big, so i put in 71's (stock: 72/40). Now the driver pipe is running rich on idle.. (true duals). i noted the base of the carb on the primary side, there are these channels that...
  3. Engine
    I just started my 67 camaro convertible after it sat all winter. After 10 attempts with no starting I replaced the plugs and points which looked ok, but are probably 6 years old (last 6 years only 1,000 miles of use). After several more attemps it started, it idles well, cleaned the dust off the...
1-3 of 3 Results