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  1. Tablet Radio Install

    Fourth Generation
    Hey ya'll, I haven't been on much but I am a big fan of DIY posts. I have seen others install tablets in their cars/Camaros but I have only seen threads/pictures of it. I did the install on my 2002 Camaro about a year ago and finally had the time to sit down and edit the video. It's pretty cool...
  2. 69 Camaro AM/FM Radio

    Electrical & Wiring
    I've got a 69 Camaro AM/FM radio (Blue Light) with the 4 speaker multiplexer above the glove box. I'm working on the interior (new wiring harness, lube on the heater control cables, etc) and pulled the radio and speakers completely out of the car. Speakers are aftermarket, but correct 8 to 10...
  3. Kenwood KRC-1007 2 post car stereo

    Member Forum Classifieds
    I have a used but in good working shape Kenwood KRC-1007 2 post style radio. The display is green and the tuner portion works. I didn't test the cassette portion. It has one set of RCA Jacks for an amp and the wiring harness. I do not have the knobs or faceplate. I can send a video of the radio...
  4. Custom Autosound Secret Audio Reviews

    Electrical & Wiring
    I am considering installing Custom Autosounds Secret Audio system. This system allows you to mount the unit under the seat or some other area where it can't be seen. I've been looking at their newest model with the remote control with the displays in it. I am needing reviews from those of you...
  5. Clicking noise and interior lights flashing

    Fourth Generation
    My 96 z28 its ng an issue where the stereo turns on and off and there is a very fast clicking from under the passenger side dash. Security light flashes occasionally. also if my seat belt is not hooked it bongs the same speed as the clicking