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  1. 15x6 YS Rallys and Disc Brakes

    Wheels & Tires
    Hey guys- I'm finding a ton of information online about 15x7 and 15x8 rally wheels, but not much when it comes to 15x6. I recently got my hand on an old set of 5 YS-stamped rally wheels, centers and lips- 15x6 with 3.5" backspacing. (decoded specs- YS 15X6 BS-3 1/2 68-70 El Camino). The wheels...
  2. 1969 Camaro - New Wheels and Tires

    Wheels & Tires
    Well We finally went and got new wheels! What do you think? Just in case you where wondering... Fronts: BF Goodrich T/A 235/60/R15 on 15" Rallye Wheels that are 7" wide with 4.25" BS (stock Chevrolet rims, wheel code FW) Rears: BF Goodrich T/A 245/60/R15 on 15" Rallye Wheels that are 8" wide...
  3. YJ 14x7 wheels, 1995 produced?

    Wheels & Tires
    Hello, I have a 1969 Caprice with 14x7 YJ Rally Wheels. I know these did not originally come on this car. I was washing the Caprice today and finally decided to copy down the date codes on these wheels. Two are date coded as follows: K195 (stem) 1 12 YJ One is date coded as follows: 9 (stem)...
  4. 14x7 YJ Rally wheels

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    I have two 14x7 rally wheels with YJ6-12 by the valve stem . Inside the wheels it has 14x7 JJ K1 . I have had these wheels for around 20 years, and it is time to part with them. The wheels will come with two trim rings that are the factory clip type in very good shape. The wheels need to...