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  1. Chevy Rally wheels and tires

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    Chevy Rally wheels. Set of 4 15 x 7. BFG TA radials. Raised white letter tires. P255 60 R15 (rears) 1500 miles. Excellent condition. Fronts are P235 60 R15. 6700 miles. Great tread but I think they have a flat spot on each and am not valuing them a lot. Located in Ocala FL. Prefer local pickup...
  2. 140 MPH Speedometer Identification

    Camaro Tech
    Hello, I have not posted anything for a while but I wanted to get some opinions on this speedometer in a early 69' Camaro that I saw. I haven't seen one with a blue tint on the numbers like this one has. Is it aftermarket? If it is it looks like it has been in the car for a long time. Thanks...
  3. Rally Green 69 Camaros

    Bench Racing
    Hello, I am new to Team Camaro and I currently own a Rally Green 69 RS/SS 350 with White Standard Interior. I plan to eventually to install Ivory Houndstooth Seat Covers. I already have GM Deluxe Door Panels just have to spray it White. I was wondering if anyone on Team Camaro has a Rally Green...
  4. Rally Wheel help.... XG

    Wheels & Tires
    I have a set of 14x6 rally wheels that I picked up several years ago from an old body shop. These are GM wheels and are coded as. K 182 8 (valve stem hole) 30 XG. What does this mean? One still has the GM sticker on it. They are all black and appear to have never been on a car. I would like...
  5. Rally wheel replacement

    Restoration Corner
    Any idea what size rally rim for F-70-15 Polyglass tires.??? I want to put what came from the factory. Thanks Buck
  6. 2 Sets of Rally Wheels(Chrome/Steel) for sale

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    I have 2 sets of Rally Wheels for sale: 16 x 8 Chrome Rally's with 4.5 backspace... with aftermarket Derby Caps with less than 2,000 miles in great condition...$300 plus shipping. 15 x 7 Steel Rally wheels...need blasted/sanded and painted. Trim rings are included but aren't much...$160 plus...
  7. Scat / Procar Rally Seats - 307.99 Shipped Each

    Scat / Procar Rally Series seat has vertical stitching for a vintage look, with pronounced side bolstering for extra support. Dimensions are 22 inch wide x 22.5 inch deep x 30.5 inches tall with headrest. Sale Priced at 307.99 each shipped (48 States) LH Seat...
  8. What size tires do I need in the front for 15" rallys

    Wheels & Tires
    I have a 69 camaro with 14" steelies in the front and 15" rallys in the back. I bought two 14" rallys to replace the steelies however, they don't fit because they rub on the caliper, even with spacers. I am currently looking for two 15" rallys for the front and I want to know what size...
  9. Procar Rally Seats

    This will be a very short sale, this week only because I dont have that many in stock. This is the best I can do at this time. $315.00 Shipped Left seat Right seat I also have the adapted...
  10. Tire Size on GM 15 x 7 JJ Rally Wheels

    Wheels & Tires
    Hello everyone, I am finishing up my 68' SS/RS Convertible and need to purchase tires. I am running 15 x 7 Rallies (Code JJ) all around. Does anyone have experience with the 15" rims on their Camaro's? I specifically need to know which 70 series tires will fit front and back. I spent some...