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  1. Deluxe vs Standard Interior

    Hey, just starting out with my 68 Camaro. It has Standard interior and I'd like to install Deluxe seats, front and back. I just like the look versus the standard seats. I've found front deluxe bucket seats and from what I can tell you can just buy covers and foam for deluxe seats and use the...
  2. First Gen rear seat padding

    Hey Guys, I pulled the rear seat out of my 67 coupe and found that all the jute and cotton is falling apart. I'm going to get it recovered, but I had a question. Has anyone out there eliminated the jute & cotton and replaced it with high density foam? I haven't found anything on line...
  3. Rear seat bottom install help!!

    Hey guys - Getting close to finishing up a complete interior in my '69 Z. Black/White Houndstooth. I'm having a heck of a time reattaching the lower seat cushion to the clips underneath. I can get it to within 1.5" or so but no further. I feel around between the two pieces and I do not feel...
  4. FS: Deluxe /Convertible rear seat

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    Near perfect rear seat. Brand new PUI black vinyl cover, never used. Seat frame, springs, burlap etc. near mint cond. I have it on ebay, but will end auction to make sale here. Asking $450, ship anywhere in continental US for $50. Email [email protected] or cell 850 380-9500 Scott