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  1. Transmission & Driveline
    I have a 69 Camaro with a 350, TCI TH350 and 10 bolt rear (don’t know the ratio). I can only go up to 70 mph on the freeway and it seems like it’s lugging. Is my rear ratio too low (4:56)? Tires are 246/60/15 in the rear.
  2. Transmission & Driveline
    I have been ordered Moser Engineering 12-Bolt GM Housing and Axle Packages. During assembly process we notice the Axle Shafts and all installation parts which came with it are not fit to the Axle Housing. The Wheel Stud Pattern is not 5 x 4.75 in., the Axle Shafts was short, the Wheel Stud...
  3. Transmission & Driveline
    Hi guys. New to board. I've always been a Ford guy and I'm working on a 67 mustang fastback. However while hunting for another project/toy I came across a 68 camaro at a great price and almost a 100% solid bodycar. Here's my question its currently set up with a Dana 60 rear with 4 point link...
  4. Transmission & Driveline
    I just purchased a 1969 camaro. At this point, it needs a paint job and interior. It has a 454 crate engine in it. It has a 10 bolt rear end with 3:23 gear ratio. Are these gears good for performance? I want to be able to get off pretty fast but also be able to drive on the highway. Also, is the...
  5. Forum Classifieds
    Gear have to fit an 8.2. I'd be content with just the gears, but I also need posi. So, if you have a posi set up that will work for my 8.2, I'm open to that too. That said, if you have a Nova 8.5 set up with similar gearing and you're close enough to Austin that I could come pick it up, I'm...
  6. Transmission & Driveline
    I've found a lot of good posts on what rearends will swap into a 1st Gen and what kind of work is required to do the swap, but I was wondering if it would be useful to compile all of the rearends that work into a singe thread? I'd be happy to work with one of the mods on this... Or anyone else.
  7. Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    I am restoreing a 1968 SS I need a rear end I have found a 1992 camaro with posi 3.73 gears and disc brakes on craigslist does anyone how wide it is I can change the pads and shock mounts Thanks
  8. Body Shop
    Ok...finished my subframes up, delivered everything back to the body shop...and they're rockin' and rollin' again. So after taking a long break, I'm back "in process" :hurray: Jim
1-8 of 8 Results