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  1. What's it worth?
    I wanted to first apologize for creating another post asking about a particular Camaro, I don't want to bother anyone here too much with excessive posts. But thanks to all of the users here with the help from previous threads, I've been learning a lot! Unfortunately, there gets to be a point...
  2. Build Projects
    I grew up around these cars and I finally have one in my garage. This is a factory Red on Red Camaro originally a 6 cylinder with a 3 on the tree. Overall the car was surprisingly solid and had all original panels. The driver quarter has been massaged in the past and the driver fender has a...
  3. Restoration Corner
    Hello, Can anybody tell me a good source to purchase a set of Red Deluxe seat belts for a 1968 Camaro? The set I have is unsalvageable. Thank you, John
  4. Body Shop
    well its about time to paint my car and i've been trying to decide what shade of red i'm going with. i've been leaning towards victory red or torch red. but not sure, i don't really want it to look orange. i plan on going with white stripes also. i'd appreciate it if you'd post up pics and the...
  5. Interiors
    Hi Everyone, I own a black 1967 Camaro since I was 16 years old. Five years later, I finally have enough money to restore the interior. I plan to take out the old interior myself and repair any rust spots before paying a professional to install brand new interior. This is what I need help on...
1-5 of 5 Results