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  1. Ball Joint Removal Help? Photos included

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Hey I just removed the ball joint from my lower control arm as you can hopefully see in the photos attached. Does any more need to come off the arm? When I removed it, the plate with the grease fitting and the actual metal rod came through the bottom and that was all. Is there a housing that is...
  2. Wires???????

    Camaro Tech
    I have a 79 camaro and in the process of removing the a/c ducts and wiring and not sure what needs to stay and what can go...I'm looking for a simple way to find out the basic needs on figuring what I need to be safe and what to look out please shed some light on my situation...
  3. Removing an old steering wheel... but I'm stuck!

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    So I'm trying to install a reproduction wheel on the camaro I just got, and I've run into a problem when removing the silly looking old racing wheel. The metal middle piece that slides over the gear is stuck. I'm not sure how to get the thing off. Is there some special screw I'm missing, or do I...
  4. One for the record books ('69 Camaro w/2 sets of Rear 1/4's)

    Body Shop
    Ok guys! This body story is worth sharing. So I decided to buy a welder and start on my 69 Camaro Coupe restoration. Great! I started by removing the rear quarter on the pass side. Lo and behold-- there was the full original rear quarter underneath it!:confused: The previous owner (I...