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  1. HELP, 68 was crashed, looking for tips dealing with Hagerty

    Bench Racing
    My 68 camaro was rear ended and it pushed me into the car in front. Some young guy was texting. She made it 190,000 miles and 45 years of no accidents and all it takes is one idiot. Anyway, the adjuster came by and looked at the car and a few days later I got a call from Hagerty saying they...
  2. Leaking Windows

    Body Shop
    I have a 1970 2 door coupe Z28 Camaro, both door windows leaked so I got new soft seal window gaskets and installed them. They still leak, what else could cause this and how do I repair it? Thanks Jerry
  3. 89 RS Under The Hood Issues

    Alrighty, so I just bought an 89 Camaro RS private sale. I have never owned a Camaro and have never worked on a car. It's never really been my thing. Now that I own this vehicle, though, I really want to fix it up and make it nice looking, great running, and a dream to drive. But I SERIOUSLY...