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  1. Where do you buy heater core to firewall seal?

    Heating & Cooling
    Hello all, I recently took my car's heater system apart and repainted or replaced what was in bad shape. The one item I am having trouble replacing is the seal that was on top of the small block heater core. This seal was what pressed up against the firewall, sealing around the tubes. The only...
  2. Starting advice for me

    Build Projects
    As you may see from my posts, I am starting to restore a 69 firebird. I will be removing rearend and front sub frame and putting it on the familiar jig described on this forum many times. My question: I need to do both floor pans (maybe full floorpan..). The convertible braces under the pans...
  3. 78 z28

    Second Generation
    I have a 1978 Z28 and the blower motor doesn't work when I turn it on. My teacher and I are going to replace the motor and see if that will make it work but I need to know, how do I get to the blower motor? I know it is on the passenger side but do I need to take off the fender to access it or...
  4. Powder Coated Ball Joint Socket :(

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    I took my control arms in to get powder coated. I told them not to powder coat where the bushings or the ball joints are and both have a little to a lot of overspray. How important is it that there is none there for both ball joint and bushings?? Can I dremel it out like i have seen it...
  5. ~Bottom End of Engine Blew Out... Help a Girl out w/Some Advice?

    Camaro Tech
    I'm a girl in love with her Camaro. A few months ago, I had overheating problems with my 1999 3.8 Chevy Camaro (Automatic) caused by a leak at a bolt near the timing cover.... and it resulted in my head gaskets eventually blowing out. At the time I was given a price quote of 3500 to have my...
  6. Which engine mounts and how can I install?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place I am very new to this and this is the first question I have posted. Any help is greatly appreciated as I had a older car in High School and it is slowly coming back to me.... Looking forward to learning from everyone and annoying my friends by asking them a...
  7. floor pans and welding

    Body Shop
    hey guys, i have a big question- i have a 75 camaro and it is in desperate need of a new floor. i have never welded before but would like to do the job personally. my question is this, if i need to replace the whole floor pans do i need to totally take apart my car so that i can fit the steel...