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  1. Performance
    I am rebuilding my 68 SS Camaro's original 350 engine keeping everything stock except for headers and HEI distributor. It has it's original 1.94 hump heads with a little pocket porting and polish job, and will retain the original 10.25:1 compression with forged flat tops while also running the...
  2. Engine
    Is an aftermarket timing cover required on a retrofit roller cam setup in a early 80's 454? I know I will at least need a cam button. Also what kind of abuse can I get away with on stock crank and rods, torque and hp limit, safe rpm limit? Motor that im looking at parts for is a daily/ streetrod...
  3. Engine
    So I’m in the middle of a SBC 406 top end upgrade with the engine block still in the car consisting of new AFR heads and a new retro-roller camshaft. The first retro-roller camshaft once installed and indexed would not clear the number two (I believe) connecting rod. It would lock the engine at...
1-3 of 3 Results