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  1. Running rich?

    Hey guys. Bought a crate motor about a year ago for my project car. The car always seems to be a work in progress and I'm learning as I go and doing the work myself, but the one thing that continues to elude me is timing/carb tuning. I'm assuming it's running rich because the whole "eye-burning"...
  2. Rich idle

    Hey gents, I have a new crate 383 with a Holley 750. They set the carb at the factory base don their altitude which is about 2,000 feet higher. It's so rich that it burns my eyes if near an enclosed space and it gets in my clothes & beard. I've heard re-jetting it would work, or also changing...
  3. quadrajet running rich on one side

    Hi there.. had a well running qjet, installed airgap intake with adapter.. i messed up jets by drilling them out too big, so i put in 71's (stock: 72/40). Now the driver pipe is running rich on idle.. (true duals). i noted the base of the carb on the primary side, there are these channels that...
  4. Do I need a fuel regulator since my car's running too rich?

    I have a 1967 Camaro. 350 engine. Bored 30 over. Headers and cam. I've tried three carburetors: one Edelbrock, and two Holly's. The Edelbrock and one of the Holly's were brand new. The problem is that the fuel is too rich with black smoke coming from the exhaust. I've had a shop adjust the idle...
  5. Questions on Big Block Tuning

    Hello all! Just last weekend I fired up my 468 for the first time since putting on aluminum heads and installing a comp 280HR. I primed the oiling system and fuel system, plopped the dizzy in and she fired right up. Now I want to get it dialed in. I imagine the first step is to time it and...
  6. Holley 600 Changed Jets runing rich

    I was running my 68 Camaro V8 350 with Holly 600 at hi alltitude (5500 ft) and it was using 63 size jets. I am now back around see level (0 to 1000) feet. I noticed that on acceleration it was a little choppy so I changed back to the stock 66 jets. Earlier today my friend was following me and he...