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  1. Fourth Generation
    hello everyone, i have an 01 v6 3800, about a week ago it started running a bit rough but would go away immediately, shortly after CEL came up for maf sensor, replaced and erased code. after running it for not even 2 miles, it started running rough again, stumbling upon accel and shaking really...
  2. Troubleshooting
    Perhaps someone can help me. Since I bough my 68 RS I have this problem, once I turn on the headlights, the vacuum activated doors opens, and the engine starts malfunction with rough idle. When restoring the car, I´d changed all cables and conections of the vacuum sistem with a new kit, and the...
  3. Camaro Tech
    I have a 97 Z28 with an LT1. I have to push the petal to the floor to get it to start, then it runs rough for a few minutes and stalls out. It dropps rpms, then it revs about 2,000 RPM by itself. I have replaced the hermonic balancer, opti-spark distributer, spark plugs, and water pump. then...
1-3 of 3 Results