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    1967 NOS QUARTER PANELS LEFT AND RIGHT 7585085 7585084 $3200.00 1968 NOS PASSENGER SIDE QUARTER PANEL 7738673 $1400.00 1967 1968 NOS CAMARO FIREBIRD OUTER REAR WHEEL HOUSES 7585103 7585104 $750.00 NOS LOWER VALANCE FOR A 1967 1968 CAMARO 3925467 $350.00 1967 1968 1969 NOS CAMARO FIREBIRD...
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    I finally got my Camaro project home. I purchased it from a guy in Chicago and had to have it shipped to Kansas. It is a 1967 RS SS 350 Convertible. It was in better shape than I expected. Most of the metal has been replaced with AMD panels. It does need work on the floor pan and and a few other...
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    I'm confused where the 3 relays and breaker board mount goes on the driver's fender. I purchased the rs wiring harness that goes to this board, but I don't have it in my car....the wiring is a mess, but I have a brain. Does anyone know exactly where this bracket mounts to on the fender? My...
  4. 1968 Protecto Plated RS/SS 4 speed convertible

    1968 Protecto Plated RS/SS 4 speed convertible

    Post Resto nose All original drivetrain
  5. Tag Team
    I found a project car that could possibly be an RS/SS. Has the heater core hoses comiing from the center, big block cross member, front disc brakes etc. Need to know what else I can look for to verify this was a real RS/SS. It has no motor, and the rear end has been changed to a Ford 9", so...