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  1. Second Generation
    So, my father has recently passed away, leaving me his beautiful 1971 RS/SS Camaro. It was his baby, purchased in 1982 and restored (it definitely needed some attention). Following financial hardships of my father, it needed some love and attention that he couldn't give it from 2010-2017 and it...
  2. Bench Racing
    Hey TC, I would just like to know if there are any members on this site who are from Hawaii. I'm also part of the 808 Camaros Car Club. Thanks, Brendon
  3. Pro Street
    Hello guys, I was just wondering if there's anyone out there who has a Street Car I think that this falls under Pro Street. I have a Green 69 RS/SS 350 project I am currently working on. I had thought about making the car Numbers Matching but was really turned onto the Pro Street/Street Car...
  4. Bench Racing
    Hi TC, I was just wondering out of curiousity of there is anyone out there who has a Blue 69 RS/SS 396 with Blue Deluxe Interior. Not a common color combo. Thanks.
  5. Bench Racing
    Hello, I am new to Team Camaro and I currently own a Rally Green 69 RS/SS 350 with White Standard Interior. I plan to eventually to install Ivory Houndstooth Seat Covers. I already have GM Deluxe Door Panels just have to spray it White. I was wondering if anyone on Team Camaro has a Rally Green...
  6. Restoration Corner
    Hello, newbie here...I am restoring my 69 RS/SS and have a question regarding emblems for the fenders. Should it have the Rally Sport Emblem on the front fenders or the SS emblems? I have seen pictures of both and just wanted to know what they came with from the factory when they were made in...
1-6 of 6 Results