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  1. Restoration Corner
    I am restoring a 69 RS Camaro that has the deluxe interior but standard black belts. Does anyone know where I can get a set of red deluxe belts for my car?
  2. Interiors
    Ok so I installed some after market seats in my 69 and when I go to slide the seat back it hits on the retractable seat belt casing. Does anyone know if they make a bracket to help with this?
  3. Sponsors
    We now have a brand new 1982-1992 Camaro seat belt kit with original webbing colors in seven panel webbing. The roof mount retractor is like the original retractor in the car but the lower retractor is eliminated. We supply a bracket and instructions to mount the lower retractor cover so...
  4. Interiors
    1970-71 f body seatbelt retainer plastic clip lh = rh= part# was torn off box
  5. Restoration Corner
    Hello, Can anybody tell me a good source to purchase a set of Red Deluxe seat belts for a 1968 Camaro? The set I have is unsalvageable. Thank you, John
1-5 of 5 Results