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  1. Interiors
    I'm thinking of purchasing these 5 gen rear seat. They are 70 bucks. I was wondering is the install hard on the 1st gen(68 ). If theres a good thread with instructions please point me in right direction.
  2. Second Generation
    Hey all! I bought a pair of bucket seats for my '77 Z28, but the seat tracks don't line up, mine are about 2 inches too short. Do any of you have a good source for ones that will fit, or know was to work around this? I would love to have the correct style seats when my restoration is complete...
  3. Restoration Corner
    I have been fortunate enough to buy a pair of steel front seat backs for my 67 restoration, thanks KevinK ! The seats I am restoring are utterly toast, the covers ripped and the foam has been lived in by some sort of rodent that swopped padding for nut shells so this is a full restoration...
  4. Sponsors
    We are now proud to carry the complete 1982-92 Camaro interior product line all made by PUI. - Door Panels - Seat Covers - Headliners - & more! Please let us know what you need!
  5. Forum Classifieds
    Hi, I am looking to buy the following for my 67 restoration: Steel front seat backs, pair, not bothered about colour but prefer no deep scuffs or dents that would be too bad ! Drivers side window sash, the main horizontal one that the glass sits in. Deluxe steering wheel, red if possible...
  6. Interiors
    My car was totaled in recent storms in Chicago. I am planning on using the funds received to buy my first Camaro. I have been a huge fan of the first gen camaros for a really long time. I want to find myself a 69', possibly a Z. My dad grew up working on cars, and seems pretty sure I wont be...
  7. Interiors
    Has anyone tried to put the New 5th Gen Camaro seats in to a 1st gen Camaro?
  8. Pro Touring
    In planning my 69 conversion to pro-touring I have been look at seats and also trying to find out about the seat track mounting. Any recommendtions on which seat and mounting system works well when you need extra leg room? At 6' 2" I like to stretch out. Thanks for any thoughts and suggestions.
  9. What's it worth?
    Hello All, I was just wondering how much a 1969 rear fold down seat would be going for these days.
1-9 of 9 Results