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sending unit

  1. Trying to locate 3/8 NPT Temp Sender for console gauges

    I’ve got a 69 Camaro with OER Console gauges. I understand they have the same as factory specs. I’m already wired to the intake manifold and am locked into using a 3/8 NPT sender as the 1/2 NPT port is blocked by my upper radiator hose. Does anyone know where I might find a sender with the...
  2. What the @%@$^ am I doing wrong?

    Electrical & Wiring
    Im trying to troubleshoot my sending unit. I have a 22gal fuel cell in the trunk. I have an autometer fuel gauge that is a 0-90 ohm? I cant get the gauge to read under 1/4 tank, even when Im holding the sending unit and the float rod is all the way down. The unit does not seem to be hung up...
  3. 1968 Camaro guage temp unit not working

    Electrical & Wiring
    Well I can say that I am frustrated... I have been trying to figure out why my temp gauge is not working (aftermarket gauge package) all other gauges work very well. I am on the second Temp switch ...unit at the block.. and both read the same at 10x ohms about 20-25 when hot. I have tried the...
  4. E85 Fuel Sending Unit/Fuel Pump

    Hi, I'm planning on running E85 in my 69 and just purchased a new sending unit (to go along with new ss fuel lines). Has anyone who's run/is running e85 have any issues with deterioration of an OEM sending unit or fuel pump? I've seen mechanical fuel pumps that are alcohol compatible, but...
  5. Gas Gauge or Sending Unit?

    Electrical & Wiring
    I have read several of the post about trouble shooting gas guage problems...still can't figure mine out. I have a 69 Camaro with console gauges...everything was working fine untill a recent trip and the hand pegged out on full. The hand will drop to about 3/4 after a few seconds with the key...
  6. How can I test my sending unit?

    Electrical & Wiring
    I ordered a new Spectra Premium Industries sending unit. I would like to test it before installing. Here is what i am thinking: - Ground the sending unit - Hook the sending unit up to the gas gauge - Power and ground to the gas gauge - Lift the arm of the sending unit Should that work...