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  1. Body Shop
    Because different shops charge different rates, I'm hoping if I detail the body and paint work that has been performed on my 69 Camaro, I'll get some professional shop owners and experienced DIY'ers to respond. I'm looking for a reasonable number of hours that it would take an experienced shop...
  2. Body Shop
    When I unbolted the front sheet metal I noticed that there was no sealant at all between the: fender - lower fender extension fender - top header panel fender - valance panel I found a lot of rust on the mating surfaces. I guess there should be some kind of sealant? But if so, should the...
  3. Sponsors
    Hey Everyone, We are running a couple of special offers for New Year's. Get FREE ground shipping on all orders over $99.00*. Get truck freight orders shipped for only $100 for a pallet on orders over $999.00.** In addition to that we are also running a huge end of the year sheet metal...
1-3 of 3 Results