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small block

  1. EFI for 69 small block

    Thinking about converting my Edelbrock 4 brl to a EFI system. My current small block (350) makes 410 HP (at sea level) at the engine. Hot cam, aluminum heads, etc. Currently I have no problems. But I live in Denver, so altitude takes its toll on power. Someone who has a EFI on his 69 said a...
  2. Driveshaft length?

    Transmission & Driveline
    I will be installing a 700R4 in my 68 with small block and 12 bolt rear. Can anyone that has this setup tell me what length my drive shaft will need to be from end to end of weld on main tube? (or any reference point that I can match up) I would like to go ahead and get the shaft ready so I...
  3. Turbocharging smaller ci

    First off - Hello, I'm new(er) to the forums here, and to the Chevy world in general. I'm maturing out of the Honda scene with some solid experience in engine building, forced induction, and tuning. Now I'm well aware of the fact that things are just different for these motors, but I'm...