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solid roller
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  1. Engine
    I've been running a bronze dist gear with our 2004-vintage LT-1 with Erson 253/259 solid roller (with AFR 210s that have bronze guides), and am concerned by the copper and lead content shown in the used oil analysis. Inside the filter (cut open properly, not hacksawed), there's some shiny...
  2. Performance
    Thinking of stepping up to a Solid Roller. Currently I am running a Comp xtreme energy xe274h flat tappet, which is 552/555 lift, 230/236 dur @ 050 on 110/106 LSA/ICL. I am thinking of going with a Lunati Voodoo Solid Roller 60232. It has 655/663 lift with 243/249 dur @ 050 on 110/106 LSA/ICL...
1-2 of 2 Results