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  1. Electrical & Wiring
    Hey guys, I just got my SS Restomod last month. It has a restored 350ci 4 speed. I only take the car out when the weather is nice (1-2 a week). I had zero issues when starting the car until today. I took the car out, went to the gym then lunch all good. I left to get coffee and stopped on the...
  2. Engine
    Has anyone out there ran plug wires under the headers? I am doing a tune up on my 68 327 and thought about doing that route with some race fit wires. The heat makes me worry, but Im not highly experienced with this topic. I like have the wires out of the way, but my old setup had the moroso...
  3. Camaro Tech
    When I was taking pictures of my tie rod I noticed what seems like a large amount of oil running out the bottom side of the spark plugs. All eight plugs have oil on the bottom side of them. I assume it's coming out the threads. See picture. Any idea why or how to fix? Thanks,
1-3 of 3 Results