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  1. Forum Classifieds
    Hello everyone. I live in the Sacramento area and I have the following parts for sale: Original Speedometer and Tachometer assembly. It is untested but it is in great shape. I'm asking $200 + actual cost of shipping. Heater control assembly. I'm asking $175 + actual cost of shipping. Left and...
  2. Camaro Tech
    Hello, I have not posted anything for a while but I wanted to get some opinions on this speedometer in a early 69' Camaro that I saw. I haven't seen one with a blue tint on the numbers like this one has. Is it aftermarket? If it is it looks like it has been in the car for a long time. Thanks...
  3. Electrical & Wiring
    The set up I just sold was an Auto Meter set up wired for speedo, tach, temp, oil pressure, volt and fuel. I wanted a stock interior, so the new (old, original) set up is in the mail, and it will have speedo, fule and clock. At some point, I'd like to get the sawtooth gauge cluster, but, for...
  4. Forum Classifieds
    Trying to get a 69 interior back to stock condition, and these gauges have to go. If you have 69 originals on any of these -- whether it's the carrier panel, or the console gauge cluster or both -- I'm interested in trades! Let's save each other some money. These gauges all work; and the...
  5. Troubleshooting
    I have just bought a 92 Camaro and the only major problem was the speedometer. I have replaces the speed sensor, and i even bought a new cluster and the new cluster did not work either...... :(WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW??!!!:confused::confused::confused:
1-5 of 5 Results