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  1. Paintable/fiberglass front spoiler for 71' RS split bumber

    Second Generation
    Hello All! I'm looking to buy a fiberglass paintable front spoiler/air dam that will fit my 71' Camaro RS Split bumper. Thank you in advance! FYI-carid and goodmark do not have it
  2. Trunk Rod/Spring Help Wanted

    Body Shop
    I have several questions that I would appreciate answers to: 1. I have a 1967 Camaro that originally came out without a spoiler. I have restored it and added a spoiler. The trunk will not stay open when it's windy. We show the car and are worried that the trunk lid will fall on a judge or us! It...
  3. 05A Z28 without D80 code

    Tag Team
    I have an X33 Z28 that doesn't have the D80 code on the trim tag. I know that spoilers were mandatory at this time but is it common for a car to not have the D80 code?
  4. 3800 series 2 engines

    i was wondering (before i start yes its a 3.8L, and yes its missing two cylendars, BUT the way my engine is configured <by previous owner> it hauls *** plus im in high school so factor in mpg's and major tickets) anyway, i was wondering if anyone knew the difference in acceleration and power...