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ss 350

  1. SS350 gas cap Original vs Reproduction

    Restoration Corner
    I picked up a nice clean SS350 gas cap today from a guy that stripped out a 67 to make a drag car. He did it years ago, but I'm wondering if there is any way to tell an original cap from a reproduction. There are no numbers visible on the inside surface of the cap that I can see. The inner...
  2. 1968 camaro SS with headers, stove pipe

    Restoration Corner
    Ok this might be a tough one... Does anyone know when the dealer installed headers or if the car from the factory with headers did they just eliminate the stove pipe (heat riser) to the air cleaner snorkel on an automatic car or was it replaced with something else that worked with the...
  3. 68 ss350 l48 A.I.R. question

    Restoration Corner
    Hi guys. some of you may recall that i reunited my original engine with my camaro after 40 years of being apart. The engine is in great shape as the last owner has it all cleaned up and bored .30 over with new pistons etc. I am now trying to find out the exhaust and air cleaner configuration...
  4. 1968 ss 350 air cleaner and valve covers

    I am currently working on a 1968 350 SS convertible. I am trying to find out the correct air cleaner and valve covers to run on the car. I have read another post for a 1969 car that said the air cleaner was standard snorkel type with chrome lid and the valve covers were orange but this was for...
  5. Driver Door mirror

    Restoration Corner
    Question regarding driver door mirror....I have an early build 68 SS 350 ( 10B ). Were there cars produced with leftover round mirrors from 67 (which mine has) or did they all come out of the gate with the rectanglular mirrors ? My car also has the oil fin SS hood ornaments carried over from 67...