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  1. Silver Sport Transmissions
    Does SST offer any Team Camaro Tremec discounts?
  2. Silver Sport Transmissions
    Silver Sport Transmissions has added GM 12 bolt and Ford 9" axle assemblies to our product line and soon we'll be able to provide turn key crate engines. The axles are complete and ready to install: ��• Fully powder coated • GM Disc or Drum brakes - your choice • Brake lines • Choice of axle...
  3. Silver Sport Transmissions
    Silver Sport Transmissions has teamed up with Spraker Racing out of Mooresville, North Carolina, to offer high quality GM 12 bolt and Ford 9” axle assemblies for GM F body, A body, G body, C10 and Tri-Five applications. Both models come with choice of 11” disc or drum brakes and arrive powder...
  4. Silver Sport Transmissions
    There are many options available when it comes to these conversions and it can seem confusing at times. You can use a stock TKO and assemble your own conversion components or choose a pre-engineered package that will eliminate the guesswork and make for an easy transition to a smooth shifting 5...
  5. Transmission & Driveline
    I was in line for one of the Keisler 5-speeds before they ran into all their problems, and was lucky enough to get my deposit back. I'm now starting to reconsider installing some kind of 5-speed transmission in my 67 to help with highway cruising, and I'm looking for suggestions. Sounds like...
1-5 of 6 Results