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  1. Z Won't Start!

    Camaro Tech
    All, Just inherited my Dad's 1969 Z-28 which hasn't run in about 4 years. It's in relatively good shape having been garaged and I went through the paces to get her back on line. Swapped out the gas, changed the oil, radiator fluid, Marvel in the cylinders, new plugs, and fresh battery...
  2. Loud noise on start-up

    If I have to apply the accelerator to get the engine started (like when it's been sitting over night, as compared to just a few minutes) the instant that the engine fires up and starts running on it's own, there's a rally loud, very short noise. It sounds something like a combination of a...
  3. Fuel system priming tips for crate break in

    Hi, looking for some time tested tips on how to get a solid line of fuel/carb ready to go for break in. Facts: *Carb is a Holley Avenger 750, new out of the box. *Have had fuel lines disconnected for months, surely have run dry. *Fuel pump is my old OEM stock mechanical and installed, would...