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starter problem

  1. It loves me, it loves me not - starting issues

    Electrical & Wiring
    Hello, Having issues with my starting. History before issue: Camaro was insure for the spring summer season, started up perfectly after a few pumps of the accelerator, tank was topped up before having it sit for 4-5 months. Battery wires were removed when parked, and re-attached when ready to...
  2. Starter Problems 67 Camaro

    I have a 67 Camaro with a 350 with an automatic transmission. My starter started going out and would only crank like 50% of the time so I bought a new one and when i pulled the old one off the bolts didnt line up so i took it back to the auto parts store and they said that was the one the...
  3. 86' not starting

    i have an 86' z-28 v8 carbureted, camaro. I went out this morning to start it for work but it wouldn't start, like the engine was getting no spark, we put starter fluid and tried to jump start. the battery seems to be working fine and i tried to full throttle it, the gas may not be reaching the...
  4. starter engages while driving

    Heres what happened: Went to a local car show last night and when we went to leave I tried to start my 302. It started but the starter remained engaged and would not disengage even after removing the key from the ignition. We had to disconnect the battery terminal for the motor to stop running...