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  1. Rocker Arm Help

    Hi Guys, Need a little help deciding on the right set of rocker arms for my build: 402 BBC Comp Cams Hydraulic Roller Cam 0.300" cam lift Aluminum Edelbrock heads Comp Cams 930-1 springs (1.550" double spring) I'm looking for a 1.8 ratio rocker to get my gross lift to about 0.540". I was...
  2. Plastic to steel seat backs. 1967

    Restoration Corner
    I have been fortunate enough to buy a pair of steel front seat backs for my 67 restoration, thanks KevinK ! The seats I am restoring are utterly toast, the covers ripped and the foam has been lived in by some sort of rodent that swopped padding for nut shells so this is a full restoration...
  3. Thoughts on 15x7" rims w/4.25" BS w/215/70R15 Tires

    Wheels & Tires
    Have (4) 15x7 steel wheels with a 4.25" back space. Want to run the same size tire all around. I'm leaning towards 215/70R15 tires. The car is a 68 Camaro with a SBC, no AC, rebuilt suspension with new, replacement Moog Z/28 springs in the front and 5 leaf rear springs. Want nice, all around...
  4. 2 Sets of Rally Wheels(Chrome/Steel) for sale

    Forum Classifieds
    I have 2 sets of Rally Wheels for sale: 16 x 8 Chrome Rally's with 4.5 backspace... with aftermarket Derby Caps with less than 2,000 miles in great condition...$300 plus shipping. 15 x 7 Steel Rally wheels...need blasted/sanded and painted. Trim rings are included but aren't much...$160 plus...