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steering column

  1. Blinker and brake light issue on 68

    Electrical & Wiring
    When I use my left turn signal it causes the brake lights and blinkers to stop working. After jiggling the turn signal switch the blinker lights and the brake lights will work again. Any thoughts on what the issue is and if it's in the steering column or somewhere else?
  2. Transmission swap

    Restoration Corner
    1967 Camaro automatic 327 with 2speed. I changed out the original 2 speed transmission for a 4 speed 700R4. I would like to keep it a column shift, but my original steering column does not have the linkage/detents for a 4 speed. Is there an after market or later model Camaro shift column I can...
  3. Steering Column replacement Options

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    I looked many times for this solution, and all I am finding are rebuilding what I currently have. I am wanting to see what other options are available to have tilt and cruise built in. I have a 1968 Camaro. So here it goes. Does anyone know of any donor cars that a steering column can be sourced...
  4. steering column, signal, positioning

    Hi all, :waving: I've been trying to figure out how to rotate my steering column - specifically where the turn signal arm comes out. I've removed the column bracket, disassembled the signal switch, but can't seem to rotate the positioning. As it stands, the signal arm is way too low and knocks...
  5. differences between 68 and 69 camaro firewalls

    Body Shop
    I have a 68 Camaro and I am installing the steering column. the red firewall on the left is what my car currently has and the picture on the right is one of a 68 Camaro I found from classic industries. the steering column firewall plate I have for my car is the 3 hole design like on the right...
  6. Steering Column- remove it or not

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    I have an ignition tumbler that will go 360 degrees in circles now, which makes contact with the IGN intermittent. Would like to fix without removing the column if possible. I understand I have some worn plastic inside. Is this doable without having to take out the whole darn column, and...
  7. Steering Column Brackets

    Forum Classifieds
    I have 2 steering column brackets that I do not need. One is a 1969+ model that is not been restored or taken apart and is in great shape. The other is a 1967/1968 model, it was taken off my 1967 SS Car, I sandblasted it and repainted in semi-gloss black and cleaned up the bolt lugs and then...
  8. Aftermarket column with stalks?

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Hi, Has anyone out there run across an aftermarket steering column that has stalks for headlights, wipers, etc., but does not have the ignition in the column? The usual suspects (Ididit, Flaming River) don't offer anything. Alternatively, has anyone found an OEM column that can be...
  9. 1967 Camaro Deluxe Steering Wheel- Tilt Column

    Electrical & Wiring
    Hello everyone- i installed an original 67 tilt column and I am having one heck of a time getting the horn to work properly. Can I use the original cancel cam from my non-tilt.* I put a new one that I got from Ricks in (HR-17).* The horn works when you press the button, but when I turn the wheel...
  10. Ignition

    I have a '94 3.4 auto floor shift. I had my car diagnosed with a switch on the column being bad. They said there are 2 ignition switches, 1 that the key goes in and 1 on top of the column under the dash. It has a set of contacts on one side and a hole in the end and another hole for a rod that...
  11. 69 Camaro key warning buzzer switch

    Camaro Tech
    ok... helping my kid; installed new ignition switch, new steering column turn signal wire harness, repainted column and everything works except...... the key warning buzzer switch. In my great wisdom, I broke one of the metal tangs on the thing. I have a couple of questions: If this is...