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  1. 383 Stroker plus extras

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    I know this is pretty early, but in late November/early December my 383 in my '67 will be for sale. The reason I'm selling it is because I'm getting a big block and the reason for the delay in selling it is because I'm currently deployed. Once I get back the motor will be pulled and it will be...
  2. 572 BBC? Opinions and advice wanted

    So i posted about a 496 not to long ago but have done some research and think I am going to go with a 572. I plan on obviously getting a aftermarket block and am leaning towards a dart tall deck. As for everything else it is up in the air. I want to go with a forged rotating assembly and don't...
  3. engine for 68 project - have a 327 block, looking for advice

    OK, so first off let me say that I've looked through some of the previous topics on this and found a lot of good info, but I still wanted to start a new thread because every build and every opinion seems different, so I wanted to get recommendations as tailored to my specific situation as...
  4. Stuff for sale.... Camaro and race parts...

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    I couldnt find my other post so... My 1990 IROC-Z is still for sale and Ill get a pic of the RPO codes in a bit. Car is in need of some TLC from sitting in storage for couple of years. I replaced the fuel pump and it started right up and runs GREAT!! If you charge the A/C it will probably blow...
  5. engine/trans rebuild in Dallas

    I'm looking for input on who to avoid and who to trust in or around Dallas. I've got a stock 350 that needs rebuilding and I'd like it to become a mild to mid performance engine. Same with Trans, th350. Thanks
  6. 383 rod to cam clearance

    Everything I have ever read about building a 383 talks about checking the clearance of the rod bolts with the cam. I got an Eagle crank kit with their SIR rods to put in a 68 327 block. When I mocked it up, I found the obvious issues with the rod bolts and cylinder walls. But I can't see how...
  7. 307 block for a stroker

    I need a standard (4.000 in) block for my engine build. I had planned to use my stock 350 block, but when I had it checked at the machine shop, we found that it needs to be bored .030. My mistake was that I had already purchased a balanced Eagle stroker kit for a standard bore block. Now I'm...