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  1. Forum Classifieds
    Hi All, I'm gearing up to put a RS chassis under my 69 Camaro, so I have some parts for sale! All items are available for pickup in SE CT. 1969 Camaro Subframe - $500 - Straight and in good condition - With drum brakes and full suspension - With steering box - With Power Steering Box...
  2. Forum Classifieds
    Hi I'm in need of a patch panel for the right front frame horn on my '67. If anyone has a "junk" subframe with this piece in good shape , I'd like to buy a ~12" long frame patch panel where the bumper mount holes are, top to bottom of rail. Thanks.
  3. Body Shop
    Hey all, I'm sorry to start a new thread on this topic, but I have a specific question that I would like some advise on. I was installing new subframe bushings on my 68 firebird and i noticed the holes in the subframe are rusted to the point that the bushings barely hold in the frame (but the...
  4. Body Shop
    This is my first post. I appreciate all the knowledge this site has provided me so far. I am building a 69 and have the engine mounted in the subframe and have the subframe connected to the body. Pushing the subframe forward as much as possible, I can only achieve a wheelbase of approx 107"...
  5. Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Are solid body mounts supposed to fit in the subframe holes tightly or is it the sandwiching of the subframe between the two pieces that keeps them from moving around? I have new Global West solid body mounts I'm going to install. I fit them into the one subframe hole that doesn't need repair...
  6. Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Can anyone confirm that the DSE subframes for 1st Gen Camaros accept mechanical clutch linkage? All the pictures I've seen have been on cars with hydraulic clutches. Thanks!
  7. Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this. I'm looking at picking up this subframe but I'm not sure if it's a first gen subframe. I'm sure there are a lot of members who can ID it easily, so without further ado...
  8. Camaro Tech
    Read up on old posts; decided to go with poly. Will these suffice for a daily driver that's not a wild beast? Anyone's experience with them would be appreciated!
  9. New Member Introductions
    I am currently building a 69 Camaro convertible; I am a 33 year old doing my first Camaro (learning a lot). I have completed some builds of bikes and modifications to other vehicles but this is my first complete car that I am doing. I have done the complete floor from firewall to truck, kick...
  10. Forum Classifieds
    Complete Front Subframe with disk brakes (minus steering box) 2000.00 OBO Center Console w/gauges and harness 500.00 OBO Original Z28 12 Bolt w/3.73 gears. About 3000 miles. 1700.00 OBO. Can email pics on request. Located in San Jose, CA. Dan
  11. Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    When I first got her home... Removed all of the components, starting to wire wheel... Seam welded now degreasing all the nooks and crannies... I doubt paint woulda' stuck there... Custom body dolly :D The zinc phosphorus coating that the metal ready left behind...
  12. Sponsors
    Hotchkis Performance 1967-69 Camaro / Firebird Convertible Subframe Connectors p/n 4008 - just $302.00 Shipped (48 States) :) Limited to in-stock connectors. :beers:
  13. Forum Classifieds
    I'm looking for a subframe within a reasonable drive of NY...for a 68 Camaro...only frame is needed. Please send me a PM. Thanks.
  14. Body Shop
    Ok...finished my subframes up, delivered everything back to the body shop...and they're rockin' and rollin' again. So after taking a long break, I'm back "in process" :hurray: Jim
1-14 of 15 Results