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  1. Adding an Inertia Fuel Pump Shutoff Switch

    Electrical & Wiring
    Hi has anyone added an Inertia Fuel Pump Shutoff Switch to automatically shut the 12v power to the fuel pump off in the event of a collision? I am thinking of adding a switch to my intank fuel pump installation and mounting the switch in the trunk but not sure if the switch needs to be mounted...
  2. Power Top Switch Burning Out 67 vert

    Need some help. I have replaced the power top switch twice, keeps burning out, only on the up side. Does anyone have any insight as to wiring a relay into this to help eliminate this issue? The switches get expensive at $40 a pop. I am relative new at this, so pics or insight into specifics...
  3. 67-68 Reverse Switch on 69 Transmission

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hey everybody, Got a '69 camaro with Muncie 4 Speed and factory Hurst shifter. Need to redo reverse lights because I do not have lock-out linkage installed (nor think I can install it with headers on car). I don't like the aftermarket hurst switch personally, with the exposed electrical...
  4. 1969 Camaro Ignition Cylinder

    Camaro Tech
    Hey guys, I'm needing some help here. My 1969 X44 never had an ignition switch so this is the first that I have installed in the car. It just doesn't seem right & I'm not sure if something is messed up in the column. Can you take a look @ the attachments & see if the cylinder assembly is...
  5. Low Voltage to Starter

    Electrical & Wiring
    Hi, Fellas. I haven't posted or visited here in years since I finished my car with the help of this site. I'm hoping for some help again! A couple months ago, my car didn't want to crank (after I had driven on a 2-mile trip). I had a friend jump me, and it eventually cranked (after I held the...
  6. 1968 Ignition Switch Pigtail Connector?

    Electrical & Wiring
    Seems my ignition switch connector was hacked apart by the PO. It also appears there are none available for 68 7-pin wire setup but they do sell the 5-pin 67 connector in a few places. I tried all the automotive wiring companies like AAW but they won't budge on a selling just the '68 connector...
  7. brake light switch question on 68 Camaro

    Electrical & Wiring
    How do you access the brake light switch for rear lights? Do you have to remove instrument gauges? I'm assuming that the switch is my problem. turn signals, emergency flashers, running lights all work fine. Any suggestions would be really appreciated!
  8. What should I hide this?

    Camaro Tech
    PO installed Electric fan, which I like, but he mounted to box/swith that adjusts the temp that the fan comes on on the back side of the fan shroud. Not only is it ugly, it leaves wires zip-tied all over the engine compartment. Getting to the point: where should I mount this thing where it will...
  9. Head lights won't switch from dims to brights

    I have a 91 Camaro RS and the head light lever(wipers turn signal) won't switch it from dims to brights. I pulled the panel from the driver side and I can toggle brights and dims by clicking the switch underneath (sorry I don't know what that switch is called but its the one the rod runs into...
  10. 69 camaro low fan only

    Heating & Cooling
    I have a 69 camaro and the fan only blow's low in all positions on selector switch. I have installed a new resistor at the blower box and even installed new switches. I still have the same problem. Is there any other resistor that could be causing the problem.If any one has any ideas your help...
  11. Headlight solutions - latching relay module and 2 switches

    American Auto Wire
    Three new headlight products! Switch between high and low beams, automatically reset to low beams, and flash to pass! Coming in early June 2010 Watch the video! In the video, Michael Manning, president of American Autowire discusses and installs three new headlight products. Latching Relay...
  12. NOS power window switch

    Forum Classifieds
    Never posted this in the fourms:clonk: here is the ad Follow the above link for NOS 1969 "Drivers side" window switch....... it is still needs a new home...... Thanks Team Camaro