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  1. Original Tachometer 1967 Camaro

    Hey Guys, I am wondering if anyone can post a pic or let me know what color the center ring on the tach was for the 1967 Camaro looks like. Seems like all the reproductions are reflective white and I thought the original was silver to match the speedo and fuel gauge.
  2. 67 Speedometer/Tachometer, Heater Control Assembly, Quarter Glass, RS

    Forum Classifieds
    Hello everyone. I live in the Sacramento area and I have the following parts for sale: Original Speedometer and Tachometer assembly. It is untested but it is in great shape. I'm asking $200 + actual cost of shipping. Heater control assembly. I'm asking $175 + actual cost of shipping. Left and...
  3. Tach bounces at startup

    Electrical & Wiring
    I searched and found lots of issues with using HEI ignition and either OEM or aftermarket tach but I couldn't find the issue I am having. I replaced my factory tach in my 69 camaro with the reporduction OER tach. The factory tach worked fine until I accidentally broke the needle off. The...
  4. Don't even know if I'm posting in the right area, but-

    Fourth Generation
    I need help with my car. I know it's hard to diagnose without seeing it, but here goes. I've got a 1992 Chevy Camaro RS, 3.1L V6 in it, about 190k mi now. Anyways, a few months ago, the tachometer was jumping around pretty violently. My car would stall, die randomly, then not even start. My...
  5. Can I use my stock Tach with a MSD Digital 6A Box

    Electrical & Wiring
    I just installed a MSD box P/N 6425 with my 383 stroker for my 1967 Camaro. The motor was actually tuned with the BOX by the engine builder. I have it installed and the car is running but I don't have my original tach wired up anymore. It appears that the tach out signal from the box is...
  6. Automatic/Console car restoration

    Restoration Corner
    Hi, I was just wondering if automatic cars came from the factory with both a Tachometer and the console gauge cluster? Could this have been a special options package of some sort? Thanks!
  7. 94 speedo/tac/cruise trouble

    Hopefully this hasn't already been adressed too many times. I've got a 94 Camaro V6 with a five speed manual transmission. My speedometer, tachometer, and cruise control have quit working. I stored the car, waiting for spring to come. Does anyone have a good idea where to start?