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  1. Restoration Corner
    anyone help me w providing correct part # for WP pulley 69 camaro BB (12B 68 car) w/ A/C and PS? ive searched other threads but no luck. two # that ive seen are 3932430DW and 3995631AO?? thx in advance
  2. Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    gentleman. is there a way to determine if a 69 camaro tilt steering column is original to a car if build sheet or protecto plate not available to confirm it? is there a stamped part # on column that differentiates from fixed column vs tilt column? sticker on column is not present. thx matt
  3. Tag Team
    I have a 71 camaro that was allegedly exported out of the states when new. While decoding the cowl tag I realized that that the stamped info on the bottom of the tag is missing. Does this verify that the car was built for export? Normaly the tag is stamped with the U.S.Gov safety standard...
  4. Tag Team
    are the possibilities unlimited for a --paint code on a 68? appears to be a real big block. i am trying to buy it. richie
1-4 of 5 Results