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  1. 1968 TH400 Coding for 396/350hp

    Tag Team
    Hi guys, I'm trying to figure out what the correct letter code would be for a TH400 from a 1968 Camaro 396/350hp. I'm seeing varying answers saying CA,CC, CD, or CE? Any ideas? I did check in the VIN decode section and saw options for CC, CE, or CX but just trying to confirm. Thanks! Chris
  2. 68 Camaro - Body Tag Removal & Installation Procedure

    Restoration Corner
    Is there a specific procedure that I need to use to replace a Body Trim Tag and VIN Tag? I'm removing the dash pad and upper cowl due to rust and I want to make sure I install the original tags to the correct standard. Thanks, Ramien
  3. Parking Brake Cable tag......

    Tag Team
    I was climbing around under my 68 yesterday and noticed a yellow sticker attached to my parking brake cable on the passenger side just in front of the right rear tire....just in front of the attachment bracket. The tag is about 2" long and about 3/4"wide and wraps around the cable and reattaches...