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  1. Pirelli P-Zero Trofeo R Tires 255/40 ZR17

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    I have a set of brand new Pirelli P-Zero Trofeo R Tires. 255/40 ZR17. I was thinking about you 4th Gen Camaro guys running 17 inch wheels. These Tires are the ultimate Summer Performance tires from Pirelli. They are normally $363.00 a piece on TireRack. Selling all 4 for $800.00 Thread wear...
  2. FS: 245/50R19 Pirelli Scorpion Snow Tires

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    $550 o/b/o These tires are almost brand new. They have very little wear on them, about 4,000 miles by my estimation. They've always been stored indoors, away from sunlight and in a heated space, when not installed on my car. I can ship if you are paying for it. PM and we'll work out the...
  3. Chevy Rally wheels and tires

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    Chevy Rally wheels. Set of 4 15 x 7. BFG TA radials. Raised white letter tires. P255 60 R15 (rears) 1500 miles. Excellent condition. Fronts are P235 60 R15. 6700 miles. Great tread but I think they have a flat spot on each and am not valuing them a lot. Located in Ocala FL. Prefer local pickup...
  4. Tires and wheels for sale: New

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    I started my build as a multi-phase fix it for now, then do the major mods later. So, I invested in brakes, front suspension, wheels, tires, wiring and went out to the garage, where I found the car in worse shape than I imagined. So, I then put the parts in the basement and started a frame off...
  5. Tire Traction?

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    Hey Gents, I'm having a bit of an issue. I have a set of BFG T/A's and they are 5 years old.Is it time to change them? Absolutely. They still have a lot of tread, don't have any cracks or signs of dry rot, but they feel a bit hard and it's probably time. Here's the issue. I can't really put my...
  6. Compare Tire / Size / Height Calulator

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    Hi, I am looking for one of our tire experts to review this spreadsheet that I have been working on to compare different tire combination to so I can understand the difference in tire height and profile size between different size tires front and back. This is in MS Excel format, you can either...
  7. Tires rubbing

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    I have a 1967 Camaro which currently has 15x8 275R60 on the back and 15x7 225R60 on the front. The rims are the rally rim style which I really like. When I hit a bump, I can hear the front tires scrape the bolts that hold the crome trim. I did add multi-leafs in the rear, new shocks all the...
  8. I'm a Banned Spammer

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  9. Safe towing?

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    I have not been on the site in months and I have a question. I did not know where to post so I will start here. I want to pull a small trailer with my 68 to shows etc. Nothing big, just canopy, weekend stuff. I want something that is safe @ 70 MPH, many I have looked at are 45-60. I am...
  10. What tire size will replace 7.35-14

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    Hi, My 67 was sold with 7.35-14 tires. As far as I can find out they are 26.8" tall. When I visit TireRack they recommend 195/75R14 as replacement and Rims'n'Tires recommend 205/75R14 as replacement. However, a 195/75R14 is 25.5" tall and a 205/75R14 is 26.1" tall. My question is if they really...
  11. 5th Gen Wheels and Tires

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    I have 12 Stock 5th Gen wheels, tires, and TPS. These are the base wheels and were taken off for upgrades. Tire size is 245/55/18 BFG Radial T/A Spec. These are factory mounted and balanced dealer takeoffs and they all have approximately 4 miles on them. All in excellent condition. They are...
  12. Classic tires on a 1968 camaro

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    I have a 1968 Camaro convertible. I want to run 15” rally wheels (FW code with 4.25” backset) on the car and classic tires (Goodyear preferred). The rear has stock leaf springs but the front has 1” lowered coils. From floor to top edge of front fender lip currently is 26.5” (running 235/40-18...
  13. big as can get

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    I have a 2000 camaro and want to go to a 18" rim, how wide and how big of tires and wheels will fit? Want as wide as possible, having a hard time finding wheels and tires but can find corvette wheels that are 10.5 wide, will they fit? any help?
  14. Back on the road in Orlando

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    Hello, finally got my 69 Camaro back on the road after sitting for 10-12 years. I'm still working on some things. I could use some help. I want to do 4 wheel disc brakes however I like the smaller 15" wheels. Will I still be able to use a 12" rotor with a 15" wheel or do I need to go to a...
  15. Mickey Thompson 33 x 21 x 15 SR Radial tires

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    Mickey Thompson 33 x 21 x 15 SR Radial tires. They are about 1 year old and have about 300 miles on them. $500.00 OBO Shipping will be $80.00 Mike Email or call if interested. [email protected] 281-813-4405 I paid $800.00 for them from Summit Racing.
  16. Wheel and tire opinions needed

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    Project 69 Camaro RS Looking for opinions. I am planning to use Raceline RL-239 GT wheels with the knock-offs and Falken RT-615s. What are your thoughts on these wheels and tires? And what sizes will work with an 18x8 wheel, or do I go 18x9 for the rear? According to Drverzinc from eBay a...
  17. Tire Size on GM 15 x 7 JJ Rally Wheels

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    Hello everyone, I am finishing up my 68' SS/RS Convertible and need to purchase tires. I am running 15 x 7 Rallies (Code JJ) all around. Does anyone have experience with the 15" rims on their Camaro's? I specifically need to know which 70 series tires will fit front and back. I spent some...