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  1. '69 Camaro TMI Sport R Front Seats w/ matching Console

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    I've got this set-up in as new condition. I am going in a different direction with my interior and this set up needs a new home. It's only a few months old - installed by TMI themselves at their Corona manufacturing facility. I get TONS of comments on the interior...people just love Houndstooth...
  2. 69 Camaro aftermarket or junkyard seats - most headroom?

    Ok...I officially give up on my factory seat frames and tmi covers. I'm 6'3" and I have to slide so far forward for my head to clear the headliner that it all but destroys my time behind the wheel. They look great but are just unusable without crazy mods and it's just not worth it. Now I need...
  3. '69 Camaro - Options to lower front seats

    Hi folks - I'm just about done with my car (for now) but I've got a significant problem with my front seats. Running factory frames and TMI Sport R foams/covers. I've been down the "new foams and covers are thicker' road but I'd like the community's thoughts on how I can modify the set-up to...
  4. Alter Seat Tracks for HEAD ROOM or aftermarkets tracks to drop seats?

    I've read and searched extensively re: this issue and most everything I find speaks to picking up leg room but what I need is head room...actually, it feels as if my @ss is about 3" too high which makes the car seem that it has tons of body roll but it doesn't. I just simply sit too darn high...