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  1. Engine
    I recently threw a new fuel pump in my camaro and got it running on starter fluid, after the first start it wouldn’t start again but still had some spark. i suspected the ignition control module was the problem, but after replacing it i no longer get any spark. I don’t know where to go from...
  2. Performance
    67 Camaro ,327, 270 Comp Cam, 1406 Eddy, put O2 sensor in collector, issue, AFR reading stays at 17.0 even when driven. Doesn’t fluctuate. 073x047 rods with soft springs. .098 primary orifice. Any direction is appreciated 🤙🏻
  3. Electrical & Wiring
    My 69 camaro is having charging issues. I have found a short in the CLK-CRTSY-LTR circuit and removed the fuse and that seemed to solve the discharge according to volt meter, but the car still has a discharge somewhere when motor is running that wont show on volt meter. This has been an ongoing...
  4. Electrical & Wiring
    Hello fellow members. As I am a new member, I am not new to viewing these very informative threads. I am working out the kinks in my 67 rs/ss, and I am at a brick wall of sorts. I have all new wiring harnesses under the dash, new front lighting wiring harness, new limiting switches, and new...
  5. Troubleshooting
    2002 camero. At first the car would start then as the day warmed up it would not start; once the day cooled off it would start again. I replaced the ECM, 3 coils, ignition relay and still have the problem. Now the car wont start at all, I bypassed the VAT system and still does not start. I...
  6. Transmission & Driveline
    My 87Z (700R4) caught fire (12 volt main arced out against the dipstick) 3 years or so ago back. Everything has been repaired mechanically, except for one thing. It won't go into overdrive. What should I look for, and in what order? It's the only thing keeping me from getting it back on the...
1-6 of 6 Results