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  1. Trunk floor sheetmetal

    Body Shop
    Hi Guys, My car had significant body damage when I bought. I sunk a bunch of $$ for body and paint, and it looks pretty good now. Unfortunately I've noticed that some of the panels don't line up right, etc. The rear valance had been hit pretty hard and I noticed that the tail light...
  2. Basket case problem

    Body Shop
    I recently bought a 69 hardtop basket case. The previous owner stripped the car of paint and parts down to the shell. He also removed the complete trunk and back section of the car. To get the complete trunk out, he cut the quarters straight back from the top of the wheel wells. He removed the...
  3. Trunk Rod/Spring Help Wanted

    Body Shop
    I have several questions that I would appreciate answers to: 1. I have a 1967 Camaro that originally came out without a spoiler. I have restored it and added a spoiler. The trunk will not stay open when it's windy. We show the car and are worried that the trunk lid will fall on a judge or us! It...
  4. Trunk mounted battery suggestions

    Electrical & Wiring
    I'm planning on installing an Odyssey battery in the trunk of my 67 and wanted to bounce some ideas off the group. I'm going to be running a M.A.D. Starte'em Up kit along with an American Autowire cable kit. My biggest questions are about cable routing. In the past I've always left the main...
  5. 67 Coupe grille and trunk fit question

    Body Shop
    Hi, I just got my 67 back from getting painted and had some questions. These may sound kind of bizarre, but bear with me and I'll explain what's going on. Can someone please send me a picture of the headlight bezel area on a 67? I'm trying to figure out how much of a gap there should be...
  6. Replacing Trunk Pan Help!

    Body Shop
    I'm about to replace the center section of my trunk pan and was wondering if yall had any helpful advise or could tell me any problems that I might run into. I've read about the full trunk pan install but haven't seen many threads about just the center section install. Heres the trunk pan I...
  7. 1970 Rear Tail Light Bucket "MB stamped nuts"

    Second Generation
    I am looking for the proper nuts to install the tail light buckets on a 1970 camaro. I had to replace the entire piece of sheet metal that is between the rear quarter panels and below the trunk lid on my 70. The studs that stick out inside the trunk for the tail light buckets to mount to are not...
  8. how to open the trunk from inside...95 camaro

    Fourth Generation
    is there any way to open my trunk from inside the car? i just got a 95 camaro yesterday and there isnt a lock key. ...thx ...zimmmy
  9. 1969 Parts 4 SALE Shock towers drop offs trunk extns seat mounts ~MORE

    Member Forum Classifieds
    I decided to buy a complete trunk instead of using these panels. ALL ARE FOR/FROM A 1969 Camaro Coupe. Drop offs pair are NEW. They are perfect, but just flash-surface rusted and are an easy clean-up. Perfectly straight cond. --$50 pr. Trunk side extensions pair are NEW + clean...