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  1. Turbocharging smaller ci

    First off - Hello, I'm new(er) to the forums here, and to the Chevy world in general. I'm maturing out of the Honda scene with some solid experience in engine building, forced induction, and tuning. Now I'm well aware of the fact that things are just different for these motors, but I'm...
  2. Paddle Shifted 4L60E Overdrive Automatic

    Pro Touring
    Hi Folks, We are looking for some ProTouring Camaros that will be on the show-n-go circuit next year that are looking to make an upgrade to our Paddle Shifted A-41 Overdrive automatic. This transmission will replace Turbo 350/400, 700R4/200R4, 4L60, 4L80, 4L80E. The key feature with our...
  3. my t350 wont shift automaticaly

    Transmission & Driveline
    i have a 65 gmc with either a 1998 or 2001 camaro driveline,the truck wont move unless i put it in low and if im going below 20 and put it in drive it wont catch if above that it will run through all three gears perfectly.some one told me to check the gov but i cant get the cover off also is im...