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  1. 1994 3.4L - Is this a timing issue?

    Fourth Generation
    I’m admittedly stuck on this one. I have a 1994 base model for which I’ve just finished replacing the intake and valve cover gaskets. The vehicle just reached 100,000 miles, and has had no other major problems or repairs other than a replaced ignition module (approximately six months ago)...
  2. New member, tranny problem

    Fourth Generation
    Hey everybody, i just got a 2000 v6 camaro, theres a few things wrong with it, many of which i have either alreadt fixed or know how to and will take care of it. Anyway last night my wife and i were driving somewhere in it and it was in 3rd gear i believe (this is an automatic transmission btw)...
  3. Camaros V-6

    New Member Introductions
    I got my self a 97 Rs with the 3800S2 and as u know its one of the slowest Marors so wuts a good way to tune it up, i heard a Cam will do the trick, the only reason i dont get a V-8 is cuz this car has 90K Leather int. new paint Chrome GM rims T-top and it has all original parts, as of now im...
  4. 1994 V6 doesn't take inclines to well

    Fourth Generation
    I got a 1994 v6 camaro that makes a popping noise going up any hill when i increase speed. The rpms stay the same so my guess is that the tranny is good. If i give it more gas the over drive kicks in and it does better but the popping sound gets quieter and faster. the guy before me said he...