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vacuum problem

  1. Low Vacuum detected on 383 - need brake booster

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    I have a 69 SS with a Vortec 383 stoker, carbureted. Cam specs are Lunati Hydraulic Roller 227/234 @ .50. I've been checking my vacuum to see if my engine can run a brake booster as I'm getting ready for a front disk brake conversion. I want to know if 12-15 in. Hg is typical for this cam size...
  2. 383 Stroker

    To all, I just installed a 383 stroker motor build by Prestige Motorsports out of North Carolina. I have a 1967 Camaro RS/SS which was originally a 4spd car but I recently converted to a T56 six speed magnum. The conversion went pretty well. In fact, I just fired the car up today and it sounds...
  3. Performer RPM Air GAP Intake question

    I have a 383 stroker motor for my 1967 Camaro. It is equipped with an Edelbrock Performer RPM AIR GAP intake manifold. The carburetor is a 750 double pumper by Quick Fuel. The carb has a single 3/8 fitting for the Brake booster fitting. I can't use the fitting available on the intake...
  4. rough idle when RS headlights are on

    Perhaps someone can help me. Since I bough my 68 RS I have this problem, once I turn on the headlights, the vacuum activated doors opens, and the engine starts malfunction with rough idle. When restoring the car, I´d changed all cables and conections of the vacuum sistem with a new kit, and the...