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  1. Astro Went Cowl Air Plenum

    Heating & Cooling
    I'm looking for to acquire a Cowl air plenum for a 68 camaro. I can't seem to find one for the passenger's side. It's the part that attaches the astro vents to the firewall/cowl. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  2. 67 Vent Window Disassembly Question

    Body Shop
    Hey Guys, I have taken the vent window frames out of my car so that I can re-finish and re-seal them. Can someone give me some guidance on the best way to remove the glass from the window frame? I know there's a "U" shaped seal that holds the glass in place, but I'm unsure how to get the glass...
  3. Vent window rubber. Clips ?

    Restoration Corner
    I have just got my new vent window rubbers for my 67 and I noticed when the old ones were removed the remains of three little clips. Both sides are stripped, I managed to save two clips, the others were just rust. Question shall I bother to find a set to put the rubber back in or should...
  4. 67 Vent windows, rotted badly...

    Body Shop
    I have just stripped all the parts off my doors as I continue with this restoration and I am disappointed to find the lower edge of the front vent windows has decided to rust and drop off. the vents still open but the metal surrounding the glass is missing and rusted. Are there any suppliers...
  5. Help installing vent window assembly on a new door

    Body Shop
    Can anyone tell me the correct distance between the chrome vent window frame and the A-Pillar on a 67 Camaro coupe? I put two new doors on my 67 and it seems like I’ll need to do some modifications to the doors to get this correct. If anyone has a close-up picture they can send me I would...